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Review, correction and preparation of data protection statements

Help to comply with data protection law

Requirements in your company and much more.

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Labor law

Testing and preparation of employment references

Online and offline at a flat rate price

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Legal areas

Labor law

Assistance with all types of labor law issues, such as dismissals, pay issues, vacation entitlements, continued pay, certificates, bullying or discrimination of any kind …

Real estate law

Real estate and tenancy law governs the rights and interests in real estate, both commercial and private, and provides protection for buyers, sellers, landowners, tenants, landlords, contractors …

Internet law

Internet law is diverse and deals, among other things, with the legal problems of operating a website, e-commerce problems, conditions, data protection, internet liability, social media, warnings, file sharing …

Data protection law

Help with the handling of personal data in the company, on the homepage, in the online shop, in social media and others, in particular help to comply with the GDPR …

Banking law

Customers are increasingly experiencing problems with banks. Long-term savings contracts are terminated, risky investments are sold as safe to inexperienced savers …

Inheritance law

Help with all inheritance problems and questions, such as wills, legal succession, inheritance claims, mandatory parts and compulsory parts supplements …


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