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Legal areas

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Nationwide representation

The Nieweg law firm represents you nationwide.

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Everything online for you-from order to completion. No superfluous paperwork.

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The Nieweg law firm is not wasting its clients ‘ time.

Legal areas

Labor law

Assistance with all types of employment problems, such as terminations, payroll or salary issues, leave entitlements, pay, certificates, bullying or discrimination of any kind …

Real estate law

Real estate and rental law governs the rights and interests of real estate, both commercial and private, and provides protection for buyers, sellers, property and apartment owners, tenants, landlords, contractors …

Internet law

Internet law is diverse and deals, among other things, with the legal problems of operating a website, the problems of online shops and their customers, with warnings, with file sharing …

Banking Law

Nieweg law firm helps you with any problems with your bank. Be it a announced savings plan, the revocation of a loan agreement, a false consultation with an investment …

Inheritance Law

Help with all hereditary problems and issues, such as wills, statutory succession, inheritance claims, mandatory and compulsory partial supplement claims …

Data protection Law

Help with the handling of personal data in the enterprise, on the homepage, in the online shop, in SocialMedia, in particular assistance to comply with the GDPR …

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