Data protection Law

Data Protection Law

Due to the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation-including GDPR-data protection law is currently on everyone’s lips.

Data protection law, like most areas of law, is also diverse. By using the Internet in almost all situations of life, everyone spreads their own data, often without even being aware of it. The number of recipients of data is also increasing. Data has become an economic asset in this day and age.

Anyone handling data must abide by legal regulations. Whether it’s a doctor, a lawyer, Facebook, an online store, a photographer, a journalist, an authority or, for example, the employer.

The law firm Nieweg advises and assists with all questions relating to data protection.




Some examples of the firm’s activities in data protection law:

Creation and review of data protection policies for websites

Creation and review of the privacy policy for handling data in the doctor’s office, the company, etc.

Drafting and auditing of contract processing contracts

Position of requests for information on data storage with authorities, companies, etc.


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