GDPR Check

GDPR Check

The GDPR check and what it includes:


As part of the GDPR check, data protection statements for online use and offline use in business or companies will be created or reviewed and, if necessary, corrected.


You will receive a written result by e-mail usually within 24 hours. This result also includes suggestions for correcting any errors found. A re-check after corrections is included.

Encrypted email communication:

If desired, the communication can be carried out via different types of encryption. End-to-end encryption is possible. By default, the firm uses the TLS protocol and S/MIME method for emails. Procedures other than S/MIME will be used in consultation with you.

Upon receipt of your request, you will receive an offer to carry out the GDPR check at a flat rate price. If you agree and after receiving the payment, the check will be carried out immediately and the result will be sent to you.

Since it is possible to communicate on the internet anonymously, I ask for your understanding that the service can only be offered against advance payment.

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